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- Dennis Laube, CEO

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What's the Secret?

The BetterSAN technology that we developed in-house makes all the difference. By eliminating the I/O bottleneck we are able to achieve higher performance throughout the whole system. Our SAN technology provides the best of both speed and data security/integrity. Local disks can provide speed but don't provide the redundancy needed to accomplish data security and integrity.

Multiple bonded 56 Gbit infiniband
Over 900 direct peering relationships including Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Time Warner, Cox, Akamai
Over 100Gigabits of active internet connectivity
800 Gigabit storage backbone
5 lit tier providers including L3, Internap, TI, N Layer, and Cogent
Own our own 20,000 U data center (Ace Data Center Stats - Power, cooling capacity, security, etc)
Over 20,000,000 domains hosted ( you can trust us… 4% of the internet does with 20,000,000 domains hosted out of our data center)
Our slowest drives are faster than your current providers fastest drives
10 gig ethernet is the only thing we sell, NONE of competitors even sell it
Convert cloud to dedicated and back
Consistency, our systems are designed for consistency in performance
We care about fast servers being fast ALL the time, not just 90% of the time
You can't just go by snippets of benchmarks, you need to achieve benchmarks all the time
LINK WITH #5: Multiple Network Point of Presence (POP) including LA, SLC, Chicago, NY
WE believe our product really is better and that's why we don't need to lock you in with contracts or keeping your data hostage, we're not your lock-in vendor
Plus we have 4 ping pong tables at our data center :)
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