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What's the secret?

The BetterSAN technology we developed in-house makes all the difference. By eliminating the I/O bottleneck, we are able to achieve higher performance throughout the whole system. Our SAN technology provides the best of both speed and data integrity. Local disks can provide speed but don't provide the redundancy needed to accomplish data security and integrity.

 Hardware firewall at the Internet edge: Malicious or intrusive traffic is blocked at the edge, where it can't and won't affect your individual network. Security isn't only about protection, it's also about keeping things fast when a problem occurs. You can count on us to keep your network safe and fast!
 Hardware Firewall at Cluster Level: Using our infrastructure, a network is designed from the ground up to be completely separated and isolated from other customers. Your virtual datacenter and network are never accessible in any way from another customer's network.
 Each customer runs inside their own Virtual Network (vlan): Other cloud providers use ACLs (Access Control Lists) and other software barriers to create the appearance of an isolated network. This is dangerous, because this "protection" can go away with improper configurations or updates. At BetterServers we make sure customers networks are truly separate, to ensure proper security.
 Software firewall at the customer's router: Every customer receives their own fully configurable virtual router that allows custom ACLs (Access Control Lists), static NAT, port-forwarding rules and more. You are in full control to set up your network in any manner you choose. You are also free to run the router in its default state to provide normal routing functions with no setup required.
 VPN (Site to Site): We understand that we might not be your only source of virtual or dedicated machines. To help make your BetterServers network communicate securely with networks that you have in other locations we provide site to site VPN. This is accomplished using L2TP-over-IPsec technology. Using this method you could have two private networks be connected over the public Internet and still be secure and act as if they are a single network.
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