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Customer Success Stories

We were able to get a better
ROI on our infrastructure by
increasing our server
Josh Lesavoy, CIO

Case Studies

The control panel was easy to use and provided me with all the info that I needed. I was blown away by BetterServers performance as it was unmatched across 3 other providers/locations that I tested the servers against.
Dennis Laube - CEO Remarkabletek
I was very impressed with how smooth my setup was. As the director of cloud services I have tested hundreds of servers, but none have compared to BetterServers. The I/O was unbelievable, I never had any issues with server latency even though I was thousands of miles away. The server speed was only matched by how responsive the support team was. Individuals in my position understand that support responsiveness is critical, and BetterServers delivered unbelievable support.
Johnathan Vanschaack, Director of Cloud Solutions, Intelligent Technology Solutions
BetterServers performance is far superior to any other virtual server I have every worked with. The I/O performance is outstanding and the network speed is incredibly fast.
Paul Pearson -
As a Software Engineer, I like experimenting with new technologies as they become available, even when most ordinary hosting companies don't support them. Of course you can set up a local development environment, but what happens when you're product is ready for the public? The main reason I chose BetterServers over ordinary hosting companies is that BetterServers allows me to instantly create high-performance servers, configure them as I please, provide support for whichever technology I want, and always have the flexibility to change my mind. The customer service has been excellent. I hope they keep up the excellent work they're doing.
Ranfys Fabian Valley - Freelance Developer
The Disk I/O was incredibly fast, at times reaching up to 800—900MB/s. The network performance was also extremely impressive, pushing a full 100mbps downloading from the Internet Linux mirror all at low latency.
Jared Meeker
I was amazed by BetterServers I/O performance and the ability to scale quickly to meet the demands of our social enterprise platform. Anytime we add a new customer it takes just seconds to spin up my new BetterServers severs.
Dallas Lynn, Senior Architect

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