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Key Features

  • RESTful API
  • White Label
  • No Contracts
  • Full control
  • Scalable (scale as you grow without any reinstall, burstable resources for surprises in demand)


BetterServers’ reseller and affiliate programs offer several options to opening new revenue streams while retaining current and attracting new customers. Operators can grow their business and enhance their brand without having to invest heavily in designing or building a new service platform.

Two Ways to Participate

Two Ways to Participate
  • Reseller Program
  • Promote your own brand
  • BetterPricing for resellers
  • BetterIntegration using Restful API
  • Use your existig support structure
  • No hardware to maintain or to buy
  • Cost effective Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Affiliate Program
  • Start selling today!
  • BetterIncentives and comissions
  • No upfront costs to build support teams or inftrastructure
  • Cost effective IaaS
  • Choose from an ongoing trail or an upfront bounty

BetterServers partners with hosting companies to effortlessly upgrade their product portfolio through adding a competitively priced, flexible, high performance cloud hosting solution. The hosting industry is always evolving and getting more and more competitive every day. As new capabilities are introduced to the hosting industry, customers need change. With BetterServers as a partner, hosting companies protect revenue opportunities without investing in expensive hardware support or maintenance, maintaining data center infrastructure, or developing software.


BetterServers Rackspace Linode
Price $ $$ $
White Label Reseller Program Yes No No
RESTful API Yes Yes No
Support 24/7 Phone & Web 24/7 Phone & Web Web Only
I/O Speed Super Fast Average Average
Root Access Yes Yes Yes
CPU Responses Dedicated Cores & Bursting Dedicated Cores & Bursting Dedicated Cores & Bursting
Network Speed 10Gbps 1Gbps Throttled 1Gbps Throttled

Reseller Program

Want to get into the hosting business but can't afford to build your own data center or hardware? BetterServers is here to help. Our white-label reseller service gives you the opportunity to become a hosting company overnight. We provide a customer portal that all of your customers can log into to manage their servers. You just take care of charging your customers and provide whatever services you would like.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal has been designed from the ground up with simplicity and usability in mind. We provide access to the customer portal to all of your customers free of charge. If you have your own portal or would prefer to create your own portal for controlling servers, no problem. Use our RESTful API to customize your customer's experience. Our customer portal comes completely brandable so your brand is promoted.


In order to give you more control over your customer experience we provide a fully documented RESTful API to interact with our systems. From adding users, servers, and templates to monitoring usage, our API provides the interface and features you can use for customized control and manageability. We designed our API with resellers in mind so you can even open it up to your customers to access and use!

Consolidated Billing

We provide detailed invoicing so you can reconcile your customer billing system with the consolidated bill you receive from us. We provide a report of all of your customer activity when it comes to creating and modifying servers. Even products that have been created through the API are tracked in our billing system so you get an accurate report in a consolidated easy to read bill.

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